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Carbone Management Plan Carbone Management Plan

Carbone Management Plan


This program uses the concept of "GHG scope 1, 2 and 3" to define the emission sources adapted to a situation considering the activities that an airport can control and those that it can guide through effective partnerships:



  • Scope 1: Direct greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from sources owned or controlled by the airport;
  • Scope2: Indirect GHG emissions from the production of electricity consumed by the airport;
  • Scope 3: Indirect GHG emissions from sources not controlled by the airport.

This approach, which also provides a unique common framework and tool for active carbon management with measurable objectives, covers operational activities on site and helps to guide and support environmental management thanks to a process of continuous improvement of environmental performance through a partnership with airport stakeholders.

Thus, the Blaise Diagne International Airport (AlBD) is committed to the ACA certification program. Level 1 of this program, achieved in 2019, made it possible to quantify the Airport's carbon footprint through the establishment of a policy with appropriate objectives. Subsequently, level 2 was achieved in 2020 thanks to actions to reduce CO2 emissions by 23%.

Now, new goals have been set. These are levels 3 and 3+, in particular optimization in 2023 and carbon neutrality in 2024.


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